Physiotherapy Services

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Our physiotherapists are experienced in providing a complete range of physiotherapy services. One of the main reasons why people seek physiotherapy is to find lasting relief from pain that could have been bothering them for a prolonged period of time and restricting their mobility due to a number of factors. Whether the pain or discomfort is due to an injury, frozen shoulder, wrong posture, or some other external factor; physiotherapy not only helps in the management of pain & improving mobility but also recognises warning signs and prevent them from happening. Thus, saving the patient from added pain of injury associated downtime.
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  • Therapy for general injuries
  • Therapy for sports injuries
  • Treatment of frequent body pains
  • Joint, muscle & bone injury prevention
  • Therapy for babies, toddlers and children
  • Physiotherapy for stroke & spinal cord injuriesv
  • Speedy recovery after surgery
  • Treatment for arthritis, Alzheimer’s, joint stiffness, etc.

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